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October 2018

  • Whether running a strategic planning process, establishing a community-facing campaign, or assessing an existing program, organizations need to use equitable and inclusive human-centered design strategies to achieve meaningful and effective impact. While incredibly important, practicing inclusive human-centered design can be time-consuming and difficult to execute well. Many organizations aren’t sure how and when to include various stakeholders in strategic and program planning, especially when there may be competing needs or interests between leadership teams, boards, program staff, funders and clients. Oftentimes, those with less power are left out of the design process altogether. This results in strategic plans that lack buy-in from groups of stakeholders, or programs that do not adequately meet the needs of clients. Over the course of the workshop, participants will learn about inclusive human-centered design and how to leverage various tools to develop effective organizational strategies and programs. The workshop will model inclusive human-centered design practices and is open to all nonprofit professionals regardless of role including, but not limited to, program staff, board members, and executives.
  • Presented by Mel Peterson and Erika Strong of Weav Studio
  • Area of Excellence: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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