Each year, the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) hosts over 50 educational sessions for nonprofit leaders, including staff, board members and volunteers.

NPCC is a recognized leader for and voice of the nonprofit sector in the New York City area. Our workshops and trainings help NPCC to achieve our mission to help New York nonprofits thrive to build better communities for all.

Our educational workshops include webinars, full-day workshops, half-day workshops, and issue updates (generally two hours). The content of these trainings focuses on and aligns with NPCC’s Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence, including results and impact, governance, financial management, diversity/inclusion/equity, human resources, information technology, communications, and fundraising.

NPCC’s workshops are a part of our overall educational programming, which includes the workshops (basic ideas, deeper dives on specific topics, in-depth conversations about current issues impacting the sector), Learning Labs (a multi-month hands-on-learning experience with a focus on applied knowledge) and the Nonprofit Excellence Awards (an opportunity for all New York City area nonprofits to articulate their current management practices and receive expert feedback and advice for improvement). Together, these educational opportunities allow nonprofits to engage in holistic learning, practice, feedback and improvement. NPCC hosts educational workshops because we believe that this format allows attendees to gain specific types of information, knowledge and ideas for change.

Join us as a trainer

NPCC seeks proposals from individuals or groups who are interested in leading 2-hour professional development workshops. This opportunity is open to nonprofit staff, consultants and others. Note: NPCC does not compensate trainers and we have a strict non-solicitation policy for workshop presenters. By presenting, you will be able to share your expertise and brand with our 1,750 members. You may submit more than one proposal.

RFP Portal now closed. Please contact Education & Training Manager, Joseph Taylor, at jtaylor[@]npccny.org or call 212-502-4191 with questions.