Referral Services

NPCC offers two databases for nonprofits in search of technical assistance or looking to outsource back-office functions

Nonprofit Outsourcing Clearinghouse

The Nonprofit Outsourcing Clearinghouse (NOC) program helps local nonprofits reduce costs, increase productivity and improve operational quality through the use of outsourced services. This database provided in-depth information on a variety of vendors serving nonprofits within the metro-New York area in: bookkeeping and financial management, IT, human resources, purchasing, legal services, fundraising, marketing and communications, and risk management. The database makes it easy to compare vendors on a number of items such as price, types of clients and available services. Many of the vendors provide special discounts to NPCC members. To give you a much better idea of how outsourcing is undertaken, we have compiled a Nonprofit Guide to Outsourcing.

Who Does What?

Who Does What is a searchable database of nonprofits that offer technical assistance, including management, financial, legal and other such resources, to other nonprofit organizations. The listings include local and national nonprofits whose mission is to offer advice, expertise, and other services for the entire New York metro-area nonprofit community.