How It Works

All eligible organizations interested in applying for the Awards are required to complete a readiness assessment before starting the three-stage application process, which includes two written applications and an in-person presentation. This process is guided by the program’s Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence:

The strongest applications are from those organizations where discussion and reflection have been invested by staff, board members, volunteers and other stakeholders prior to completing their applications.

Overall management focus on results and impact
Governance structure moves the organization forward
Financial management is strong, transparent and accountable
Organization is diverse and inclusive
Human resources are valued and developed
Use of information technology (IT) systems improves efficiency and advances mission
Communications are strategic, effective, and build brand
Fundraising and resource development are strategic, donor-centered, and effective

Organizations interested in applying must complete a quick readiness assessment.

In the Part One Application, organizations cite examples of their specific management practices and strategic approaches that merit consideration of these Awards. A maximum of 16 Finalists will be selected for further consideration. The Finalists will be invited to submit a Part Two application which focuses on a deeper exploration of the particular area of management excellence that the Finalist scored the highest. The top 3 aggregate scoring Finalists will be further prepared for an in-person interview which will explores their organization’s culture of learning, curiosity, and equity.

Part One Application is Closed