Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence

The Nonprofit Excellence Awards program is guided by Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence, nationally recognized management areas critical to an organization’s success.

Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence:

Overall management focus on results and impact
Governance structure moves the organization forward
Financial management is strong, transparent and accountable
Organization is diverse, equitable, and inclusive
Human resources are valued and developed
Use of information technology (IT) systems improves efficiency and advances mission
Communications are strategic, effective, and build brand
Fundraising and resource development are strategic, donor-centered, and effective

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The strongest applications submitted to the Nonprofit Excellence Awards Program tend to be from those organizations with excellent management practices in a majority of these areas and where discussion and reflection have been invested by staff, board members, volunteers and other stakeholders prior to completing the application. The Awards are designed to identify and promote excellent management practices that will provide useful examples of best practices in each of the above areas for other nonprofits. It is our hope that participating in this program will stimulate that goal.

In reviewing applications, the Selection Committee takes into account the resources available to each organization.

We encourage you to take the Readiness Assessment to assess your organizational management practices. Click here to begin.