Message from NPCC: Let’s Continue to Thrive to Build Better Communities for all.

Message from NPCC: Let’s Continue to Thrive to Build Better Communities for all.

NPCC’s mission is to help New York nonprofits thrive to build better communities for all. We focus on the “for all” today as we think about events in Charlottesville that threaten our ideals of equality and equity. We believe that the charge of the nonprofit sector is to dismantle inequity. We believe that for nonprofits to thrive, we must center equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in our work – a core principle in our guiding Eight Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence. As the Nonprofit Quarterly editorial yesterday stated so clearly:

"Nonprofits should understand that this moment defines us on a deep level—a moment where civil society must declare with moral certainty that notions of racial superiority are antithetical to our common humanity and our future. As a sector, we have not taken the leadership on this that we should. In fact, our organizations often mirror the distortions of larger society. Not only must we publicly disavow white supremacy; we must offer a counter narrative, and model leadership that supports racial justice and economic justice—in society at large and in our organizations. We have no time to waste."

NPCC approaches all of our work through an anti-oppression lens. We understand oppression as a system that gives some people, groups, or communities power over others because of their identities and experiences, and which often reduces communities’ access to resources, rights, personal freedoms, and safety. We aspire to identify, confront, and take action against all forms of oppression and work in solidarity with one another and our members to end it. We at NPCC reject white supremacy, and the institutions that support, condone, and uphold it.

Let’s come together at these upcoming events to address equity within communities, our organizations and across the sector:

During periods of ongoing traumatic events, nonprofit staff must focus on our health and ability to respond to our communities’ needs. In the fall, NPCC will launch programming in partnership with the Mental Health Association of NYC  to promote balance and wellness in our sector, while addressing the direct and indirect trauma that nonprofit staff can experience through events like these and the very hard work that we do day in and day out. This program will be free and open to all of our members.

For now, we encourage you to let us know if there is work that you are doing that we can lift up through our media channels. As always we thank you for the important work you are doing for the sector, and for our communities.

In solidarity,
The NPCC Team