April 28 (Tuesday)  9:30am—12pm
Nonprofit “Sticky Issues” Clinic: Financial Management & Reporting
You have questions, we have answers. Bring your most troubling, bothersome, contentious or annoying accounting, financial management or reporting questions to this first-of-its-kind workshop for suggestions or solutions. CPA Laurence Scot, author of The Simplified Guide to Not-For-Profit Accounting, Formation and Reporting, brings his 25 plus years of servicing and lecturing the nonprofit community to provide answers to these gnawing and frustrating issues. In the first half of the workshop he will cover two important areas that affect many nonprofits: 1) Board of directors/trustees legal, ethical and fiduciary responsibilities (with reference to the NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013), and 2) properly classifying service providers as either employees or independent contractors. The second half of the workshop will be an open Q&A session where he will answer in clear and uncomplicated terms any “sticky issues” you have in the areas of accounting, financial management or reporting.

May 7 (Thursday)  9:30—11:30am
Writing for Nonprofit Professionals
This workshop on grammar, style, and clear communication is designed to help participants improve their writing, avoid common errors, and move their organizations toward using a standard style guide. The workshop includes a Top 10 list of blunders that many writers make (such as the misuse of that versus which and excessive capitalization) and addresses ways of editing one’s own work for reader-friendly, persuasive communication. The workshop will be led by Barbara Kancelbaum who has worked for more than 20 years as a writer, editor, and public relations consultant for a variety of nonprofit organizations. Please note: This is not a basic grammar class; it assumes attendees have a good command of grammar and writing principles. Registrants are welcome to submit a grammar/style question in advance to

May 12 (Tuesday)  9:30am—12pm
Technology Planning for Action
Nonprofits face all sorts of challenges around technology. Leaders wonder if the technologies they are using are right for their organization or, if they are the right technologies, whether they’re using them effectively. How can nonprofit leaders know whether their challenges can be addressed through the adoption of new technology, better use of existing technology, or if their challenges are even technology-related at all? This activity-driven workshop from RoundTable Technology will lead attendees through an in-depth strategic planning process, offering practical methods for identifying technology-related challenges and understanding the impact of these challenges on their communities. Tools will be provided for assessing and prioritizing potential solutions, and, finally, developing meaningful plans toward implementing solutions. It is recommended that two people from an organization who represent different organizational perspectives attend.

May 13 (Wednesday) 9:30—11:30am
The Affordable Care Act: Have You Had Enough?
The Affordable Care Act turned five back in March and the changes keep on coming. Come hear Joseph Moschitto, president, and James Schutzer, vice president of J.D. Moschitto & Associates discuss the latest updates impacting employers. They will discuss the pending Supreme Court decision, the new small group definition, Cadillac Tax and the new ACA reporting requirements. In addition, they will provide a market update to keep you informed of the newest employee benefit strategies that employers are utilizing.

May 20 (Wednesday)  9:30am—12pm
Managing for Results: Strategies for Successful Outcomes Measurement
Learn how outcomes measurement can focus your organization on what is important about your work and the difference it makes. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll begin to develop an outcomes tracking plan that is both meaningful and manageable and discover the steps you need to take to achieve excellence in managing for results. The session will be most helpful to executive directors and program managers. Co-sponsored by Citi Community Development and NPCC, the workshop will help build the capacity of community development nonprofits that serve low-to-moderate income individuals and families. The session will be held at Reckson Metro Center, 360 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, NY.

Registration is Required: Click on a workshop title above to register. Attendance may be limited to one person per 501(c)(3) member organization. By registering for a workshop you are making a firm commitment to attend. If you must cancel, please provide at least 48 hours notice so that someone else can take your place. Meetings begin and end on time so please plan your travel and schedules accordingly. If a workshop is marked as sold out, members may still sign up for a wait list in the event that a seat becomes available.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are open only to NPCC's 501(c)(3) members and are held at NPCC's office at 135 West 36th Street, 15th Floor (between Broadway and 7th Avenue), New York NY, 10018. NPCC is a scent-free environment. Please do not use scented products when attending a meeting.