2015 Awards Application Clinics
NPCC will hold the following application clinics and a phone conference to give those considering submitting an application for the 2015 Nonprofit Excellence Awards a chance to ask questions and get more detailed information about the application and selection processes. Prospective applicants are encouraged to bring a board member.
April 1 (Wednesday)   3:30-5pm  —  A.R.T./New York South Oxford Space, Brooklyn
April 2 (Thursday)   10-11:30am  —  Baruch College, Manhattan
April 7 (Tuesday)   3:30-5pm — Hostos Community College, Bronx
April 8 (Wednesday)   12-1pm  Conference Call Q & A

April 9 (Thursday)  9:30—11:30am - - - SOLD OUT - - -
Bringing Your Employee Handbook Up to Date in 2015
If your employee handbook has not been updated in the past year it is out of date and dangerous. The laws have changed drastically and government agencies and employee lawyers are finding new ways to attack your policies. An outdated handbook is a serious liability. Allen B. Breslow, an employment and labor law attorney who provides advice to our members will review why a handbook is essential and what it should contain; why it must be up to date; 12 policies that may need change; and, five hidden traps to avoid.

April 21 (Tuesday)  9:30—11:30am
Are You Ready to Get Press Coverage?
Your organization wants to be in the news to get more clients, visitors, donors, supporters and volunteers. How can you attract more news coverage from the New York or even national media? Will your executive director be prepared when a reporter calls? Learn how to focus on the issues your nonprofit is tackling to spark a story more compelling than a profile of the organization itself. Develop success stories, show your impact and provide supporting visual materials that will generate media attention. Master tips to help your ED answer a reporter's tough questions. Interactive exercises will help participants to: identify key issues that make their nonprofit's programs timely and relevant; define target audiences and develop messages they and news media will care about; prepare written and visual materials that focus on issues, success and impact; plan a calendar for both content and media contacts; and, review fundamentals for a productive media interview. The session will be presented by Janet Falk, a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in public relations.  

April 28 (Tuesday)  9:30am—12pm
Nonprofit “Sticky Issues” Clinic: Financial Management & Reporting
You have questions, we have answers. Bring your most troubling, bothersome, contentious or annoying accounting, financial management or reporting questions to this first-of-its-kind workshop for suggestions or solutions. CPA Laurence Scot, author of The Simplified Guide to Not-For-Profit Accounting, Formation and Reporting, brings his 25 plus years of servicing and lecturing the nonprofit community to provide answers to these gnawing and frustrating issues. In the first half of the workshop he will cover two important areas that affect many nonprofits: 1) Board of directors/trustees legal, ethical and fiduciary responsibilities (with reference to the NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013), and 2) properly classifying service providers as either employees or independent contractors. The second half of the workshop will be an open Q&A session where he will answer in clear and uncomplicated terms any “sticky issues” you have in the areas of accounting, financial management or reporting.

Registration is Required: Click on a workshop title above to register. Attendance may be limited to one person per 501(c)(3) member organization. By registering for a workshop you are making a firm commitment to attend. If you must cancel, please provide at least 48 hours notice so that someone else can take your place. Meetings begin and end on time so please plan your travel and schedules accordingly. If a workshop is marked as sold out, members may still sign up for a wait list in the event that a seat becomes available.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are open only to NPCC's 501(c)(3) members and are held at NPCC's office at 135 West 36th Street, 15th Floor (between Broadway and 7th Avenue), New York NY, 10018. NPCC is a scent-free environment. Please do not use scented products when attending a meeting.