November 6 (Thursday)  9:30—11:30am
2015 Health Insurance Market Update
Now that we survived 2014, what's next? Joseph Moschitto, president, and James Schutzer, vice president, of J.D. Moschitto & Associates, will lead a discussion on the latest healthcare updates and trends for 2015. The session will also include an in depth analysis of the private exchange model. In preparation for 2015 renewals, participants will leave the meeting with a better understanding of the current health care landscape.

November 12 (Wednesday)  10am—12noon
Overcoming Fundraising Complacency on Long-Standing Boards of Directors
Rekindle the spirit of fundraising among your board, including adding new fundraising enthusiasts and losing the fundraising-shy “old guard” without losing friends. Learn how to assess your board’s fundraising strengths and weaknesses, and dramatically shift its fundraising culture. Even if your board has gone years without embracing its fundraising duties, with the right strategies you can raise their sights and boost their abilities to enthusiastically turn friends and fans into year-round supporters. Presenter: Gregory Cohen, senior associate, Cause Effective.

November 13 (Thursday)  9:30—11:30am
Financial Managers Workshop: Accounting and Reporting Requirements under the Nonprofit Revitalization Act
Led by CPA Karen Kowgios, this workshop will review the accounting and reporting requirementsunder theNonprofit Revitalization Act of 2013 and compare them to IRS requirements. As time permits we’ll open the session to questions from those attending. Please email the topic you are interested in to Danielle Penabad at

November 20 (Thursday)  2—5:30pm
2014 New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards Best Practices Workshop & Awards Presentation
The New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards honor outstanding management and governance practices among New York’s large and diverse nonprofit community. Join us as this year’s three winners participate in a Best Practices Workshop to share their management strengths and detail the strategies that led to their selection. The Awards Presentation and a reception will follow. The event will be held at Citi, 399 Park Avenue, 12th Floor Auditorium, New York, NY.

December 2 (Tuesday)  10am—12noon
Security in the Cloud
Cloud Computing has become an integral part of the information flow at most organizations. Email, databases, applications and files are likely to be, at least in part, hosted on cloud platforms such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce or countless others. But many people are concerned about how this impacts the security of their information and want to know what steps they can take to improve the security of their information. In this updated and much requested workshop, first offered at NPCC over a year ago, Joshua Peskay of RoundTable Technology will help you understand the impact of cloud computing on your security and he will outline specific things you can do to improve the security of your information. In the latter part of the workshop, we will also review services that can manage many, and sometimes all, of your organization's online accounts. These are known as Identity & Access Management (IAM) services and we'll look at a few of them such as OneLogin, Okta & Meldium, explain how they work and talk about how they can help improve security at your organization.

Registration is Required: Click on the workshop title above to register. Attendance may be limited to one person per 501(c)(3) member organization. By registering for a workshop you are making a firm commitment to attend. If you must cancel, please provide at least 48 hours notice so that someone else can take your place. Meetings begin and end on time so please plan your travel and schedules accordingly. If a workshop is marked as sold out, members may still sign up for a wait list in the event that a seat becomes available.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are open only to NPCC's 501(c)(3) members and are held at NPCC's office at 135 West 36th Street, 15th Floor (between Broadway and 7th Avenue), New York NY, 10018. NPCC is a scent-free environment. Please do not use scented products when attending a meeting.