February 4 (Thursday)  9:30—11:30am
Investment Management for Your Nonprofit Organization
Investment management is one of those topics that people often overlook. However, having an investment strategy is a key component that creates transparency, accountability and governance for your organization. The objective of this workshop is to explain how nonprofits can take a proactive role with their organizations’ financial assets, the most important things to focus on, and tips to get started. We’ll include practical exercises around understanding organization needs, timeframes and risk; evaluating investment managers and advisors; and clarifying roles and responsibilities. You’ll leave the workshop well prepared to address investing with your board. Target audience includes executive directors, finance directors and other finance staff, and Board members. This workshop will be presented by Sharon Liebowitz, CEO of Meritam Investment Advisors.

February 10 (Wednesday)  9:30—11:30am
How to Use Crowdfunding to Take Your Special Event to the Next Level
Traditional benefits still play a big role in the fundraising initiatives for many nonprofits. Yet by their very nature, traditional events are often limiting in terms of who can attend or who you choose to market them to, which ultimately means that you might be leaving money on the table or missing an opportunity to raise awareness about your mission. Crowdfunding gives you the ability to “open up the virtual doors” on your events to change the narrative on how you market them, so that you can ultimately reach more people and raise more money. Join us for a workshop with Dana Ostomel, founder of, the only crowdfunding platform with a ticket sales functionality, to learn the tools you need to create a socially engaging approach to your next benefit. The timing is perfect as you gear-up for spring fundraising initiatives.

February 11 (Thursday)  9:30—11:30am
FASB Proposed Nonprofit Financial Statement Reporting Changes - Shifts in the Nonprofit Business Model
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued the long-awaited proposed Accounting Standards Update (ASU) for Not-for-Profit and Health Care Entities, as well as the Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities. The proposed standards represent the most significant changes in nonprofit reporting rules since 1993. The workshop will answer the following questions: What does this really mean for your nonprofit? How do the changes translate to what you see in your audited financial statements? Does this change affect how and what we prepare for the audit? Will these changes affect what we see on the form 990? This workshop will be presented by David Rottkamp, CPA and Nina Bahazhevska, CPA at Grassi & Co.

February 24 (Wednesday)  9:30am—12pm
Managing for Results: Strategies for Successful Outcome Measurement
Learn how outcomes measurement can focus your organization on what is important about your work and the difference it makes. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll begin to develop an outcomes tracking plan that is both meaningful and manageable and discover the steps you need to take to achieve excellence in managing for results. This workshop will be most helpful to executive directors and program managers. This workshop is co-sponsored by Citi Community Development and NPCC, and will help build the capacity of community development nonprofits that serve low-to-moderate income individuals and families. This workshop will be presented by Laurel Molloy, Founder & Chief Consultant at Innovations Quantified. This event is being held at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, CT.

February 25 (Thursday)  8:30—10am
Engaging the Next Gen Board Member
New directors in their 40s and younger can refresh a long-standing board. They can bring new perspectives and networks in many areas including access to racially and ethnically diverse professionals, the savviness of a “digital native” in the latest marketing and technology, and perspectives on program results informed by social entrepreneurship. Many Millennials and Gen X and Y’ers would like to contribute their expertise to nonprofits but starting families and advancing in their careers competes for time in volunteering. NPCC and Cause Effective will host a panel discussion with several Next Generation board members who can offer insights into the successful recruitment and integration of their peers as part of an organization’s strategy to energize and diversify its board. No board chair, nominating chair or executive director should miss this event. Among the questions for discussion: How can you engage younger board members in ways that respect the demands on their time and attention but ground them in the context of your organization’s mission? How to bond new members to the board team when they have little time to connect outside of board meetings? What do the most talented young candidates seek in selecting a board on which to serve? How best to align the varying styles of Baby Boom executive directors with board members who might be the same age as their children? How do you tap their energy in a sustained way? What must you re-examine in your traditional board culture to assure your board transitions smoothly to the next generation of civic leaders? Moderator: Greg Cohen, senior associate, Cause Effective. Panelists: Michael Rochon, board member, Cause Effective, Piyali Basak, board chair, SAPNA NYC and Roy Haynes Jr., board member, LIFT.

April 20-22, McLean, Virginia
2016 National Nonprofit Leadership Conference
Become enlightened and energized with your nonprofit peers from across the nation. Registration is now open for National Nonprofit Leadership Conference created by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in collaboration with twelve other nonprofit organizations across the US, including NPCC. This conference will motivate, inspire and guide nonprofit organizations from throughout the nation to best practices in leadership, governance, finance, technology and much more. Our very own Sharon Stapel will be leading a breakout session titled Leading for and Leading With: How Our Mission is Our Community. NPCC is collaborating with the Center and our members qualify for the member rate (a $300 savings) when you register.

Registration is Required: Click on a workshop title above to register. Attendance may be limited to one person per 501(c)(3) member organization. By registering for a workshop you are making a firm commitment to attend. If you must cancel, please provide at least 48 hours notice so that someone else can take your place. Meetings begin and end on time so please plan your travel and schedules accordingly. If a workshop is marked as sold out, members may still sign up for a wait list in the event that a seat becomes available.

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