Government Grants Information Service

NPCC's Government Grants Information Service (GGIS) is a fast, free member service that alerts your organization to federal, New York City, and New York State funding opportunities.

After subscribing, you will receive summaries of funding opportunities within a few days of their official publication in the Federal Register and other sources. The grant summaries are tailored to your organization's programs and interest areas that you select.

If a grant looks promising and you'd like more information, click on the link in the alert which will direct you to the appropriate agency's website. You should contact the agency issuing the grant as soon as possible to request the official application forms and to ask any questions you might have about the grant program. (Please do not call NPCC with questions about the grant itself -- we do not have those answers.) Announcements from many federal agencies generally appear one month before an application is due. GGIS does not relay all announcements from the following federal agencies:  National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Department of the Interior, and USAID (Agency for International Development).  Many of these announcements are pure health and/or science research and are beyond the scope of GGIS's purpose.  Those interested in funding announcements from these federal agencies should visit

All 501(c)(3) members of NPCC are eligible to subscribe to GGIS.

Subscribe to GGIS
To subscribe to GGIS click here. There are over 65 different topic areas (from arts to youth services). The number of topic areas you choose will determine the quantity of funding alerts you receive. Keep in mind that the more grant topics you select, the more alerts you'll receive, so choose your categories carefully. However, you can modify your grant topics at any time by going to the bottom of an email to "Update Profile/Email Address" or come back to this page and sign in to modify your selections.

Note: after you choose your topic areas, enter your data, and click "submit," you should receive an email to which you must confirm. If you don't confirm, your subscription to GGIS will not be activated and you won't receive any funding alerts. We use Constant Contact to send out the GGIS announcements.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, first check your junk or spam folder.  If it is not in your junk folder, you or your organization’s IT staff may need to “whitelist” Contant Contact’s emails. See for instructions on how to do this. You can also come back to this page and click the link above to determine the status of your GGIS subscription.

The information you receive through the Government Grants Information Service is meant for the use of your organization only. It is a program available to you as a dues-paying member of NPCC. As with all NPCC written materials, you may not distribute it to a wider audience without our express permission.

Please keep in mind...
Federal funding is different from foundation or corporate funding. Federal grant programs are almost always based on Congressional mandates, so they have very specific funding priorities and restrictions. Some grants will fall into your areas of service, but won't necessarily be a good match for you. Some grants are targeted to states, cities, or local educational agencies. You'll receive this information because some federal funding is redistributed to the community via state or local agencies.

We recommend that you read the following documents to become familiar with federal funding:
The Federal Funding Process: An Overview (11 pages):  MS Word  or  PDF
Preparing Federal Proposals: An Introduction (20 pages):  MS Word  or  PDF

NPCC does not give out or sell members' email addresses. For more information see our privacy policy.

August 2015