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These articles and memos are from past issues of New York Nonprofits and NPCC Informational Memos. Select articles are for NPCC members. This page was last updated on November 12, 2015 and is always under construction. Send comments and suggestions to dmyers at

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Advocacy and Lobbying
Government and Tax Issues

Financial Matters
Governance & Organizational Issues
Health, Disability Insurance, Workers' Comp & Compensation Issues
Organizational Insurance
Personnel Management & Employee Issues
Press & Marketing
Postal Issues
NPCC Events, Projects & Editorials

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Advocacy and Lobbying
        Websites & Electioneering
        New Federal Lobbying Disclosure Rules
        Lobbying: Registering & Reporting
        NY State and City Lobbying Law Changes
        Lobbying and the 501(h) Election: An Introduction
                The 501(h) Election (members only)
        Advocacy Without Fear
        Lobbying and the Use of Previously Created Material
        IRS Announcement on 501(h) Elections
        Voter Registration Drives: An Introduction
                Nonpartisan Voter Registration Drives

Government and Tax Issues
        Charities Bureau Filing Extensions
        IRS: Fast-Track Reinstatement
        NYC's HHS Accelerator
        New York State Grant Reform
        IRS Form 990 Filing Thresholds & IRS 990-N
        Health Care Tax Credit
        Has Your IRS 501(c)(3) Status Been Revoked?
        NYS Sales Tax Guide
        Lost IRS Determination Letter?
        NYS Sales Tax Collections
        Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) (members only)
        Proposed Sarbanes-Oxley Law for Nonprofits 
        Introduction to Taxes (members only)
        Volunteer Protection Act of 1997
        Agencies You Need to Notify When You Move (members only)
        Intermediate Sanctions (members only)

Financial Matters
        Budgeting & Reforecasting
        Audit Survey Results (members only)
        CPA Audits: Financial Filing Thresholds
        Preparing for Your Audit (members only)
        The Facts on Fraud & Embezzlement (members only)
        Deciphering a Balance Sheet (members only)
        Sample Investment Policy For Nonprofits Having Endowment Funds
        Investment Policy (Investment Assets But No Endowment Funds; Delegation To External Agents Not Permitted)
        Investment Policy (Investment Assets But No Endowment Funds; Delegation To External Agents Permitted)
        How to Read the New IRS Form 990 (2010 version)
        Loans to Employees? (members only)
        Renegotiating Contractual Obligations
        Temporarily Restricted vs. Permanently Restricted
        Audit Preparation & Risk Based Audits
        Advice for CEOs & EDs
        Scam Alert
        Your Financial Statements:  A Banker's Perspective (members only)
        Document Shredding: FACTA
        Financial Reporting: 5 Questions All EDs Should Ask (members only)
        Audit Committees
        Can’t Find Your IRS Form 1023?
        Working a Form 990
        Registration & Reporting Requirements for Nonprofits
        Choosing & Using Accounting Software (members only)
        Can A Nonprofit Have Too Many Assets? (members only)
        Disclosure Rules for IRS Forms 990 and 1023
        Fiscal Management 101 (members only)
        Board: Financial and Organizational Controls (members only)
        Finding the Right Financial Manager (members only)
        Pension Plan Quandary (members only)
        Financial & Accounting Manuals (members only)
        Loans to Officers? (members only)
        How Much is Tax Deductible? (members only)
        How to Read the IRS Form 990 (2005 version)
        Form 990:  A Detailed Examination
        Gifts of Stock (members only)
        Dissolution of a Nonprofit
        Financial Managers Roundtable (members only)
        Development & Finance (members only)

        The Art & Science of Grantwriting (members only)
        Communicating with Funders
        Proposal Format Guideline Template
        Gift Acceptance Policies (members only)
        Face to Face Fundraising
        Introduction to & Planning for Fundraising
        Fundraising Software (members only)
        Fundraising Requirements for Soliciting in Cyberspace (members only)
        Grantseeking in Today's Economy (members only)
        The Art of the Ask (members only)
        Corporate Giving: A Personal Perspective (members only)
        How to Ask (members only)
        Proposal Writing
        Registering for Online Solicitations (members only)
        Fundraising: Some Basic Advice
        IRS Rules on Contributions
        Planned Giving (members only)
        Raffles: The Rules for New York (members only)
        Finding Funders (members only)
        Fundraising: Whose Job Is It Anyway? (members only)
        Solicitation Wording (members only)
        NPCC's Government Grant Information Service
        Using the Phone To Get What Your Agency Wants (members only)
        Some Tips on Applying for Federal Grants
        Attracting Corporate Sponsorship
        The ABCs of Planned Giving
        Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

Governance & Organizational Issues
        Conflict-of-Interest Policies (members only)
        By-Laws Review Checklist (members only)
        Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
        Form 990 Board Questionnaire Template (members only)
        Compliance Checklist: Accountability & Transparency
        LinkedIn: Board Member Recruitment
        A Nonprofit Guide to Outsourcing
        Succession Planning: Executive Director Transitions
        How to Read the New IRS Form 990 (2010 version)
        IRS Governance Check Sheet
        Managing Board Relationships
        Sample Materials for Board Recruitment & Evaluation (members only)
        Real Estate: Scenario Development (members only)
        Board Effectiveness
        Beyond Collaboration: aka Mergers (members only)
        Records Retention Policy
        Whistleblower Policy (members only)
        Managing Up (members only)
        Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity
        Advice for Executive Directors (members only)
        Leading Your Team to High Performance (members only)
        Reinvigorating Board Leadership (members only)
        Strategic Planning: Lessons Learned (members only)
        Organizational Life Cycles (members only)
        Executive Director Roundtable Wrap-up
        Mergers & Consolidations
        Planning & Building Real Estate (members only)         
        Collaborations (members only)
        Brainstorming on the 21st Century Nonprofit
        Informational Accountability
        Mission Possible: Improving Your Organization's Mission Statement (members only)
        New and Young Executive Directors (members only)
        New & Young Executive Directors II (members only)
        Term Limits (members only)
        Real Estate: A Plan for Action (members only)
        Getting Your Board on Board
        Problem Solving (members only)
        Managing in a New World (members only)
        Build an Effective Organization (members only)
        Strategic Planning (members only)
        Developing a Business Plan (members only)
        Customer Service (members only)
        Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness (members only)
        Executive Director Transitions (members only)
        Diversity (members only)
        Ethical Fitness (members only)
        Evaluation (members only)
        Shared Space: What Works, What Doesn't (members only)
        Planning in A Time of Crisis (members only)
        Leadership (members only)

Health, Disability Insurance, Workers' Comp & Compensation Issues
        Salary Survey Results-2014 (members only)
        NY State of Health
        Affordable Care Act Guidance
        Salary Survey Results-2010 (members only)
        COBRA Subsidy
        NYC Health Insurance Links
        403(b) Retirement Plans: Expanded IRS Form 5500 Filing Requirements
        COBRA Extension
        403(b) Retirement Plan Changes for 2009
        Health Savings Accounts (members only)
        Health Insurance:  Can Employees Opt Out? (members only)
        Accrued Vacation:  To Pay or Not? 
        Salary Survey Results-2007 (members only)
        Salary Survey Results-2004 (members only)
        New Jersey Residents and 403(b) Plans (members only)
        COBRA Compliance (members only)
        A Primer on Health Insurance and HealthPass (members only)
        Disability Leave vs. Disability Insurance (members only)

Organizational Insurance
        A Risk & Insurance Primer for Nonprofit Organizations
        The Top 10 Nonprofit Insurance Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
        Filing Insurance Claims
        D&O Insurance: Do all nonprofits need D&O insurance? (NPCC's Member Plan)
        Liability Insurance for Nonprofits (members only)

Personnel Management & Employee Issues
        Handbooks (members only)
        NYC 2014 Earned Sick Time Act

        2012 Employee Benefits Survey Results (members only)
        Job Posting Possibilities (members only)
        Managing in Hard Times: Furloughs & Salary Reductions
        NYS Shared Work Program
        Volunteer Management
        NYS Disposal of Personal Records Law
        Uniformed Services Act 
        Personnel Practices: Hiring, Handbooks, and Evaluations (members only)
        How to Avoid a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (members only)
        Posting Requirements (members only)
        Employee Benefits: How To Develop A Comprehensive Benefit Package (members only)
        2009 Employee Benefits Survey Results (members only)
        2005 Employee Benefits Survey Results (members only)
        2001 Employee Benefits Survey (members only)
        1999 Employee Benefits Survey (members only)
        Conflict Resolution
        Flexible Spending Accounts (members only)
        Employee: Recruitment & Retention (members only)
        Communicating for Results (members only)
        TransitChek (members only)
        Independent Contractor or Employee? (members only)
        References & Employment Applications (members only)
        Employment Contracts for Executive Directors (members only)
        Exempt vs Non-exempt Employees (members only)
        FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) (members only)
        Laws and Regulations Affecting Employers: An Overview (members only)
        Managing Conflict (members only)
        Election Law: Employee Time Off (members only)
        Travel and Work (members only)
        Conducting an Executive Search (members only)
        Learning to Listen (members only)

Press & Marketing
        Networking for Impact
        Big City, Many Voices: Advertising & Reaching Out to Community & Ethnic Press (members only)
        Social Media
        How to Get More Ink on Your Next Report
        Storytelling as Best Practice (members only)
        Cause Related Marketing & Branding (members only)
        Crisis Communication (members only)
        Communication Strategies (members only)
        Get Your Message to the Media
        Press and Marketing
        Nonprofits and Press Coverage (members only)
        Marketing Strategies (members only)
        Marketing: Branding (members only)
        Special Events Calendars

Postal Issues
        The What's, Why's and Hows of Bulk Mail (members only)
        A Word of Caution from the USPS

        Strategic Technology Planning (members only)
        Passwords (members only)
        Social Media for Beginners (members only)

        Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy (members only)
        Email: Send
        Domain Names: Abuse & Privacy
        Databases: Points to Consider
        Spam:  How to Avoid Sending & Receiving
        Open Source (members only)
        Computers: The Basics of Backups (members only)
        Internet Access (members only)
        Computer Networks (members only)
        Computer Databases (members only)
        Rethinking Websites (members only)
        Website Accessibility (members only)

NPCC Events, Projects & Editorials
        A Message from NPCC’s New President, Sharon Stapel
        New NPCC President & Executive Director
        2015 New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards
        New NPCC Board Chair (December 2014)
        Reflections on the Indispensable Role of NPCC by our retiring Board Chair, John E. Craig, Jr.
        Sandy Disaster Resources for Nonprofits
        NPCC 2014 Annual Report
        NPCC's 2014 Annual Meeting
        NPCC's 2013-15 Strategic Plan

        Nonprofit Outsourcing Clearinghouse
        NPCC's 25th Anniversary Celebration (October 2010)
        NPCC Strategic Plan 2006-2010 Summary
        How to Read the New IRS Form 990 (2010 version)
        How to Read the IRS Form 990 (2005 version)
        NPCC Names New Executive Director: March 2, 2005
        Lorie Slutsky's Keynote Speech from 2004 Annual Meeting
        New York City Nonprofits Project
        NPCC 2001 Annual Meeting: Jon Small's Report
        Jon Small's Offitbank Speech: The Aftermath of September 11
        Wrap-up: Annual Meeting for 1999
        Reflections of Peter Swords
        Madeline Lee's Keynote Speech from 1997 Annual Meeting


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